Glass Shower Repair in Dufferin-Caledon

Stained glass? Squeaky hinge? Busted roller? MacEwen Glass can help with your glass shower repair by switching out the piece of glass or shower hardware that is diminishing your bathroom experience.

Yes, your glass shower enclosure does require maintenance. Often, it is just frequent glass cleaning that is needed. That said, if glass cleaning doesn’t occur on a regular basis, soap and mildew build-up can result in a stain. To restore your shower and bathroom to its former glory, a replacement piece of glass can be ordered and MacEwen Glass can supply and install it for you.

Furthermore, hardware components can show their age or even fail over time. This can happen even earlier if the glass shower was first installed with cheap, knock-off shower hardware. No worries though, your shower glass can still be saved! Also, a hardware replacement can increase the longevity of your glass shower enclosure. After diagnosing the issue, our experienced technicians will determine whether it is most cost-effective to do a repair versus a complete replacement, as well as determining what parts are needed. We supply and install premium C.R. Laurence glass shower hardware, with a variety of hardware styles and finishes available to match the rest of the shower and bathroom.

We’ve been supplying and installing glass shower door hardware for residential and commercial clients, as well as builders and contracters, since 1992. If you’re in Dufferin-Caledon or the surrounding area, MacEwen Glass can assist with your shower glass repair!

Glass Shower Repair Services:

  • Glass Shower Door Replacement
  • Shower Glass Replacement
  • Glass Shower Door Hinges Replacement
  • Sliding Glass Shower Door Rollers Replacement
  • Shower Glass Door Handles Replacement
  • Glass Shower Door Knobs Replacement
  • Shower Glass Support Bars Replacement
  • Glass Shower Enclosure Header Kits Replacement
  • Glass Shower Towel Bars Replacement
  • Glass Shower Door Pivots Replacement
  • Shower Glass Clamps Replacement

We DO NOT Service Hardware Store Kits

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